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July 1 - October 31, 2014

(Projected closing date)

As one of 40 participants selected from a field of near 130 applicants for this year's MADE HERE, an urban walking gallery, Interact Visual Arts Department created OUR TOWN, a storefront showcase installation.


Highland Court Bank building

Suite #211, Skyway level

811 LaSalle

Downtown, Minneapolis

FREE and open to the public



MADE HERE is a downtown Minneapolis urban walking gallery, made possible by the Hennepin Theater Trust and sponsors. The project features work by more than 60 artists and artist collaborations, encompassing 15 venues and covering nearly 15 city blocks along Minneapolis' cultural corridor. It is the largest storefront window exhibit in the country.





Interact's showcase window installation, entitled OUR TOWN, is a collaborative city scape populated by people, animals, and other creatures representing the artists. The imagined city uses found objects, cardboard and other readily available materials to construct large objects, sets and props. It was created over several months, by 36 client and staff artists in the Interact studio. Artists include the following:


Jamilla Anderson Gail Harbeck Angel O' Neal
Martha Benda Mike Harris, Jr. John Riddle
Annson Chou Theresa Iacano Jonelle S.
Margarita Clifton Lucy Johnson Dan Schlag
Koko Dehn Wendy Johnson James Stopke
Sam Dunne Colleen Kahn Celie Taatjes
Donovan Durham Andie Kiley Bonnie Thorne
Maggie Erickson Michael Kramer Billy Tomaszewski
Rachel Esparza Christopher Mason Tim Traver
Janice Essick Daniel Metchnek Carla Webster
Joli Grostephan-Brancato Laurie Mosman Bob Williams
Peder Hagen Evita Newman Jamie Winter-Dawson




Whatever Floats Your Boat

June 12-July 31, 2014

Interact visual artists take a broad view on the theme of Ship of Fools, reveling in the variety of ideas this phrase conjures up. Rest assured, there are certain to be surprises as studio artists apply their inimitable style and wide-ranging interpretations to the work. Maybe what floats our boat will float yours, too!

Monday - Friday 10am-3pm

Or by appointment

At the Interact Gallery

212 Third Ave N #140 Mpls, MN 55401



Highlighting the work of one, from over 75 Interact visual artists

The Studio Spotlight highlights the work of featured Interact Studio artists. A small sample of their work is included here and more is available for purchase. You can see work by this and other Interact visual artists with a personalized gallery visit tailored to your interests. Please contact Kathleen at 612-339-5145 or to schedule your visit.

The Interact Studio is home to artists with disabilities from all backgrounds and all ages. We offer an exciting season of exhibitions in the Interact Gallery, and our work is shown in a number of outsider and visionary arts collections. The Studio provides accessible work space and professional art supplies to facilitate painting, drawing, sculpture, clay, textile work and other media. Artists are trained and supported through the long process of artistic growth and are paid commissions on the sale of their artwork.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Mike Harris, Jr.

Michael Harris, Jr. has been coming to Interact since January 2010. He is an artist of many talents! Mike graduated from Hennepin Technical College with a degree in woodworking and continues to craft beautiful wood pieces while also exploring other mediums. When Mike arrived at Interact, he focused mainly on drawing in pencil and charcoal; more recently he is developing his painting skills as well.

Over the past year Mike has been working on systematic studies of color and shape. He completed several series of paintings based on five patterns: stars, zig-zags, nets, spirals and randomized shapes, all of which utilize vibrant and compelling color combinations. In 2014, Mike’s resolution is to take what he’s learned and move in a new direction, breaking away from the pattern studies. When asked if he knows what new direction he’d like to take, he claims he “has no idea, but is open to anything and excited about the challenge.” This is characteristic Mike.

In addition, Mike is part of a team of artists designing and working on a large collaborative painting. This team is made up of artists of all different levels of experience, and Mike is looking forward to learning new approaches from this working group. The group’s combined effort will replace the previous collaborative painting which some Interact regulars will know as the Tower of Babel painting which has long graced the hallway at the Colonial Warehouse. That painting sold over the holidays! You can see pictures and follow the progress of the new collaborative piece on Facebook by checking out our

News from the Nook album.












UNIQUINOX: A Street Festival of the Imagination

Following is information from UNIQUINOX 2013.

Directed by Scotty Reynolds and Taous Khazem

Featuring the Interact artists with and without disabilities

Please visit us on FACEBOOK to see photos of Interact artists creating UNIQUINOX 2013

Interact will once again unveil itself as a palace of wonders and celebrate the fall equinox with a one-day-only art and performance extravaganza! Guests will marvel at larger than life puppets, be amazed by a host of frolicking forest creatures and witness a circus of the make believe!

The street festival includes a giant puppet and mask pageant of unparalleled curiosities, side show cameos, live music, art cars, food trucks and a market place of treasures and more!

UNIQUINOX Schedule for the day:

1:00 The preshow begins with music, art cars and other delights

1:30 The grand pageant begins featuring a puppet and mask extravaganza

2:30 A dance party in true Interact style: come dance with your favorite Interact artists

3:00 Street fun continues wiht jugglers, musicians and other such cameo favorites




                         UNIQUINOX 2011




Presented in partnership with the Colonial Warehouse.


Interact Studio mounts professional public exhibitions each year in the Interact Gallery, along with special exhibition events in invited venues throughout the metro area. Because artists with disabilities face even greater economic and space/mobility challenges than most mainstream artists, Interact provides generous, accessible studio space and all necessary art supplies to facilitate painting, drawing, sculpture, clay, textile work and other media. We provide a full roster of visual arts seminars, guided by six professional staff as well as guest artists, in areas such as life drawing, mosaic, art history, sculpture and multi-media forms. Artists are trained and supported through the long process of aesthetic maturation and evolution, and they are challenged to complete work for Interact's exhibition season.

Learn more about our work and creative process: